• STEP 1

    Remove the white film from the surface of your FORE GRIPS.

    Starting at the top of your grip. place the tapered edge flush with your grip and start wrapping at an angle.

  • STEP 2

    Overlap the FORE GRIPS 1/8 of an inch while slighly stretching the grip. You can use the embossed FORE GRIPS logo as reference.

  • STEP 3

    Once fully wrapped, use the FORE GRIPS finishing tape evenly at the base of the grip to complete your wrap. Enjoy your fresh FORE GRIPS!



    FORE GRIPS is built with premium materials that is simply more comfortable than your everyday grips. Not only do FGs feel better, but they perform better in all elements.

    The wetter the conditions, the better your grip. Once you use an FG for the first time, you will instantly notice improved comfort, feel, and grip that will keep your club face consistently in the same spot at impact, every time.

    Oh and as you can see... you will have the sexiest grips Golf as ever seen.

  • How Do I Wrap It Perfect Everytime?

    We recommend you slightly pull the ForeGrip - at an angle - while you are wrapping. That will lay the FG flat and give you a consistent wrap.

    As for best overlapping practices, we recommend aligning the top of the unwrapped FG with the bottom of the "TM" of the already wrapped FG. (Watch Our Installation Video for a visual).

    *Be sure not to overstretch the FG while you are wrapping. 

  • How Often Do I Re-Grip My Clubs?

    You can honestly re-grip your clubs as often as you want. We make it extremely easy and affordable to always have an elite-level feel, performance, and style. We by far have the sexiest grip designs money can buy, so we understand if you want to continuously have the freshest grips on the course.

    As for how long our grips last, we recommend regripping every 6 months. That of course depends on how often you play. In what conditions do you play in, and how well you take care of your clubs.

    At the end of the day, if you were to regrip your clubs 2 a year with us, it would still cost less than if you were to regrip your traditional grips. Just saying.